About Us

We have a great deal to offer to all those interested in travelling fantastic destinations, combined with interesting activities & memorable experience, hard to find anywhere else.

Millions of people, who travel in hope for new / better experience, come back with the same, because the alternative is stagnant. We cater to diversified tastes to cover geographies, alternate/ different locations matched with activities/adventure, closest to nature. We help you experience stunning locations, relaxing ambiance along with unique insight into local authentic cuisines, art/architecture/culture to suit business & leisure individuals & groups i.e. (MICE/ FIT/GIT). Several activities are also designed to rejuvenate body; mind & soul. Our priority is to provide natural destinations that are easy to access and enjoyable.

Concept of Ajooba India, the group:

Throughout history, diversity has created the wisdom of the world which we live in, with different societies, culture, geography, traditions, art /craft, food, festivals/carnivals etc .Since we became human, we have sought to discover & experience more. This drove the ancient maritime voyagers & the same drives the global individuals /multinationals of today.


Why are we born? To go through experiences. Humans were created in the form of physical body; soul was sent to get the experience. It’s the experience that separates individuals; it’s the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Sometimes you won’t know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Hence experience creation, across various demography, led to the formation of Ajooba India.


We believe in protection & conservation of nature & support properly managed /eco friendly & sustainable tourism, in order to have long lasting effect on environment & culture. It also helps in improving society through local employment/participation.

Ajooba India:

India has combination of several unique natural destinations & activities, blend of ancient & modern, which is constant source of fascination for tourists; no doubt its photographer’s delight.This country never fails to surprise and entertain you. North is bordered by world’s highest mountains, valleys, rivers. Central comprises of sandy deserts, verdant hill terrain, & tropical rain forests, while south is bordered by sea (7500km plus of coast line), giving birth to pristine beaches and backwaters. Rich bio diversity which is unmatched in the world comprises of about 400 plus animal sanctuaries, 100 plus national parks (covering 40000sq kms) with several rivers, & lakes. It has some rare wildlife species; reptiles(100 plus species & many endangered e.g. olive ridley turtles),amphibians(50 plus species, about 10 plus endangered), some of the most sought after birds(1200 plus species,500plus migratory),many endangered mammal species(Asiatic lion, royal Bengal tiger, Indian elephant, snow leapord,single horn rhino, wild buffalo, sloth bear etc).The natural beauty due to wide range of climatic conditions, India has 45000 plus varieties of flora, of which many are rarest of rare. About 4000 plus plants have potential of great healing/medicinal qualities which are used in traditional ayurveda.India is land of Buddha and many saints from various religions. The philosophy of spiritual wholeness is used in various wellness proven techniques like yoga, meditation, path of nirvana/ moksha etc.

India’s staggering topographic variations, its rich heritage, history & cultural diversity is associated with unbelievable architecture (e.g. ancient rock cut temples to world’s largest pillar less dome), royalty, great many art/craft, festivals & traditions.

Apart from the exotic natural view of flora & fauna, the mountains,rivers,deserts & forests, provide base to various activities/adventure like camping, skiing, trekking, biking, paragliding, kayaking, rafting, scuba, bungee, snorkeling, safaris, others. Cuisines in India vary from region to region like authentic awadhi, mughlai, konkani, malwani, punjabi, south Indian, vegan, marwari, goan, multicuisine, others .

World Heritage (UNESCO)

There are about 30 sites included in world heritage list comprising of natural & manmade marvels e.g. largest open air bas relief in world, mountain railways, valley of flowers, largest mangrove forests, world’s largest delta, largest bio diversity hot spot in world, amazing rock cut temples, others.