We cater to diversified tastes to cover geographies, activities/adventure closest to nature. We help you experience stunning locations, relaxing ambience, spectacular scene along with unique insight into local authentic cuisines, art/architecture/culture to suit business & leisure individuals/groups (MICE/ FIT/GIT). Several activities are also designed to rejuvenate body; mind & soul. Our priority is to provide natural destinations that are easy to access and enjoyable.


A Anant (infinite) nature
J Jungles/forest/sanctuaries
O Oasis /deserts
O On river/mountains
B Beaches/backwaters
A Activities/adventure/accommodation


The stay can be chosen from stylish contemporary properties, heritage villas, luxury tents, eco resorts, unique to modern hotels, which provide a relaxing ambience.


We try to match activities to suit:

  • Corporate: MICE, brand activation, various training programs (team bonding/motivation etc).
  • Various demographics like:
    Children –nature awareness programs/physical mental skills /games, farm /village tours, eco activities, art/craft/ other skills/interest identification etc.
    Students –mild adventures, eco activities/workshops, rural interface, health, camps etc.
  • Young enthusiast –adventure sports (land, water, forest, and mountains), wellness, camping etc.
  • Elders –health camps, naturopathy, yoga, meditation, socio cultural, interactive workshops etc.
  • Housewives –intro to regional cuisines, eco awareness programs, fun/ learn games, health, wellness etc.
  • Executives /professionals –training programs, eco activities/team games, bon fire, camping etc.
  • Individual /Family/Group - Leisure activities with virtually unprecedented range of sporting, recreational, fun activities.
  • Eco workshops, rural /nature interface based on groups/teams


  • Basic /soft -Hiking, Biking, Trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, safaris, boating, fly fox, others
  • Standard /Intrepid - Rafting, Hiking, Camping, Trekking, Cycling, rappelling, forest trails, skiing, scuba , snorkeling, others
  • Individual /Family/Group - Leisure activities with virtually unprecedented range of sporting, recreational, fun activities.
  • Advance /extreme - Pargliding,Sailing,Hiking,Surfing,Rock climbing,bungee,ballooning, others
    Note*: The activities/adventure mentioned are examples for group.

Art /Architecture/Culture:

  • Heritage / amazing architecture: rock cut marvels, caves, palaces/forts,monuments,others
  • Art/handicraft & culture
  • Food ,Traditions /festivals, fares, carnivals etc


  • Physical: - Yoga, Spa, Therapies, experiential, experimental, etc.
  • Holistic: - Meditation, experiential, unique programs to rejuvenate body, mind & soul.
  • Food:-Organic, Regional, Muticuisine, traditional, etc.

My canvas/ My diary :

  • If you wish to send us your experience in the form of snaps/video (my canvas) or write up (my diaries). Best selected entries will be entitled for gift hampers/discount.